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Whether looking for a software solution to manage day-to-day personal activities, or to maximize small business productivity, RSTech is a good place to start. We specialize in the development of personalized/customized user-friendly software applications with rich graphical user interface, targeted to customer's specific needs.

RSTech is the "Home of the smart numbers generator". Consequently, we are mainly known for our unique group of lotto software which makes use of statistical analysis and the laws of probability for a "smart" approach to lottery numbers selection. Our smart lotto software do not make false claims--for no software in the world can predict the next winning combination in a lottery drawing. However, our product aims at increasing the odds of winning by generating combinations with the highest probabilities of being a winning pick within a specific pool of numbers. Test-drive our "Deluxe" Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick

Likewise, by making proper use of science and technology, RSTech develops algorithms tailored to provide smart solutions to specific data management, small business, and educational needs. Complicated formulas and scientific processes are made to serve your individual needs with the simple click of a button in a software tailored to your personal taste and preferences.

At RSTech we do not limit our "smart", simple, and scientific approach to software development, but we use a similar approach to the design of web pages. With the proper use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, Images Formatting, and JavaScripts, professional web pages can render in all major web browsers to provide your visitors with a favorable experience.

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Lotto Information Lotto Information State Lottery Games Information, Tips, and
numbers selection strategies.
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"Smart" Numbers Generators 'Smart' Lotto Software Information "Smart" Lotto Software Scientific approach for
increasing odds of winning.
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for personal or business use.
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