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About RSTech


At RSTech, it's our mission to provide the customer with high quality, user-friendly, reliable software tools.

Keeping up with ever-changing inovations in Information Technology, Software Development Tools/Methodologies, and latest information are some of our most important doctrines.

We, clearly, understand that no advancement in technology could ever take place without the inquisitive human mind at its best.   It is YOU, the customer/software user, one of our most important sources of information at RSTech.   Your comments, suggestions, and recommendations are of great value to us; they help us shape the path to better our products.


RSTech's Smart Lottery Numbers Generators are some of several commercial products of Ramos' Software Technology.   Smart Numbers Generators were developed for the purpose to provide their users with advanced, and "Smart", method to generate lottery numbers combinations.

RSTech's Smart Lottery Numbers Generators make use of statistical studies and information, as well as expert opinions concerning the best strategies for selecting lottery numbers combinations with the highest probabilities of being a winning pick in any Lottery game.

RSTech does not endorses any specific Lottery game, nor promotes any type of gambling activity.   Our software application products sole purpose: #1 Tool for entertaiment; #2 Tool to facilitate a smart, better informed and scientifically sound, method to select lottery numbers combinations.   Smart Numbers QuickPick can be applied to most major Lottery games; and Smart MegaLotto is another "Smart" lottery numbers generator that, specifically, targets lotteries requiring an additional ball to complete the lotto pick..

At RSTech, also, we develope Custom Software Applications to meet customer's needs and specifications.   Sent us an email, and tell us what type of software you would like us to develop.  We can provide you with several prototypes to help you decide and/or arrive at your final goal.

Services at RSTech

We specialize in software applications customized to user's personal, or small business, needs; applications that meet customer's design specifications.   We, also, customize graphical user interface to meet customer's preferences for look and feel.

Additionally, we provide independent software applications development and computer programming consultation/advice to individuals and small businesses.

We invite you to learn more and to download a free trial of some of our prototype applications

Contact RSTech

You may address all your inquiries, regarding our products or services, to the Project Manager at

Software Technical Support for all RSTech products, is available directly from Ramos' Software Technology.

Please, address all your questions and/or request for technical support to RSTech, via email, to the Lead Software Developer/Engineer at

It is important to provide as much detailed information as possible reguarding your request.

If requesting software technical support, please specify:

[1] Product your are using.

[2] Action(s) are you attempting to perform with our products.

[3] What results are you obtaining.

[4] What Operating System are you using.

[5] Contact Information: Name, address, email, phone number.

Your business, and valuable time, are greatly valued.   Please, allow two to three business days for a response.

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