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Smart MegaLotto

(Latest version V 3.0.0)

Smart Multi-MegaLotto

Smart Multi-MegaLotto is designed to produce numbers combinations for all major lottery games with an additional ball (Mega Ball, Power Ball, etc.,) within all major known lottery games.

Also, as with all RSTech's "Smart" Numbers Generators, the software's core program includes proprietary mathematical algorithms to ensure true randomness and enforcement of lottery numbers selection strategies.

This Software is offered as a closed source freeware (absolutely FREE) to provide our visitors with the RSTech's "Smart" Numbers Generators full experience.  The Software Package includes the Smart MegaLotto application and a How to use Guide with additional lottery numbers selection tips.

Special Features:

[1] Two distinct numbers selection methods;   "Random" & "Smart Random".

[2] The "Smart" (On/Off) Option catering to both, those that strongly believe in "luck" and randomness, and those that search for a more "scientific/analytical" approach to the selection of lottery numbers.

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Daily Lotto4 Pick-Pairs V2.0.2

(Latest version: v2.0.2)

DailyLotto4 Pick-Pairs V2.0.2
5 Days Trial

USD $6.00

Daily Lotto4 Pick-Pairs is an easy to use "Smart" Random Numbers Generator for all your Daily Lotto (0 through 9) type games.   It is actually, two lotto software built into one; DailyLotto4 Pick-Pairs AND Daily Lotto Combo.

  • DailyLotto4 Pick-Pairs is designed for the "Pick4" daily lotto games, and empowers the user with the ability to combine pairs in three (3) different ways: front/back pairs; inner/outer pairs; and odd/even pairs.

  • DailyLotto4 Pick-Pairs unique features allows the user to narrow-down the pool of available numbers to a specific type/number of pairs combinations and provide all possible combinations, up to the maximum available in the pool of numbers selected by the user.

  • With DailyLotto4 Pick-Pairs the user can exclude or allow consecutive numbers, duplicate numbers, and further specify the order of digits within the pairs in a number of different combinations.

  • Daily Lotto Combo is designed for both, "Pick4" & "Pick3" daily lotto games, and empowers the user with the ability to restrict the value at any of the digits positions; allowing numbers combinations output formatting.

  • Daily Lotto Combo allows the user to generate any where from a specified number of combinations up to the maximum number of possible combinations (1,000 combinations for Pick3 & 10,000 combinations for Pick4).

  • As with all of RSTech's "Smart" Lotto Software, the users have the ability to customize the software color to better blend with their PC's screen themes.

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Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick

Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick

(Latest version: V 5.0.0)

Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick

This is RSTech's Deluxe Random "Smart" Lottery Numbers Generator.

The latest in "Smart" lotto software from RSTech for generating numbers combinations for all major known lottery games, with the highest probabilities of being a winning pick.  Clearly, as the product name implies, the software is a multi-selector lotto numbers generator.  This means that it offers five (5) individual methods for generating lotto numbers combinations:  All Numbers (Matrix) Method; Wheeling Method; Random Method; Smart Random Method; and, Restricted Numbers/Matrix Method.

Rstech's Multi-selector Smart Quickpick 5 Stars Award on "Read the Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick Review

from top software reviews blog."

How are the best numbers combinations generated?

The Smart Option

The software core algorithm aims (while "Smart Option" is ON) at maintaining a balanced game, as its key strategy in generating numbers combinations.   It implements our latest research results, concerning lottery drawing statistical analysis, and currently published articles on this subject to ensure that the program:

[1] Properly mix odd and even numbers in a manner that can improve the probabilities of obtaining a wining lottery numbers combination by over 80%;

[2] Properly mix high and low numbers to increase the winning chances, based on statistical studies showing that drawing all high or all low numbers occur about 2% of the time in most major state lotteries;

[3] Utilizes the sum strategy which seeks the 70% range of all past lottery drawings within a specific range of numbers. However, without completely disregarding the other 30% of numbers that fall outside such range;

[4] Avoids all consecutives numbers, all numbers from one group, all numbers multiples, and all same last digits numbers.  Such occurrences has an extremely low to none provability.

In summary, by enabling the "Smart Option" feature, the software will automatically screen all numbers combinations being generated to ensure they conform to the built-in and/or user selected lottery strategy guidelines.

Usage Recommendations:

By far, this is the ultimate "Smart" Lottery Numbers Generator package available.  It is, definitively, the ideal tool for lottery clubs or lottery pool groups; those in pursue of the power to generate hundreds, or even thousands, of the most reliable lottery numbers combinations with the highest probabilities of being a winning pick.

NOTE: Downloading Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick

This software application requires 170 MB of disk space and no smaller than a 10" wide screen. These minimum requirements are necessary to exploit some of the software most important features:

* Full software application resolution.

* Complete listing, within its database, of all possible numbers combinations for all the lottery-type games offered.

* Advanced arithmetic numbers discriminating algorithm to enforce established strategies for lottery tickets (numbers combinations) selection.

* Advanced multi-random-numbers selection algorithm to enforce true randomness.

*Custom Algorithm tailor to enforce redundancy during the numbers screening process; thus, enforcing compliance with parameters selected by the user or required by lottery numbers selection strategies in use.

Getting Started with Multi-Selector FREE-TRIAL   ->>>  HERE  <<<-

Information about increasing file download speed

Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick's installation executable is a large file; download may require a considerable amount of time (30 to 40 minutes), depending on your internet connection and server side limitations of bandwidth per connection.   Alternatively, we recommend that a multipart-download Download Manager be used, or any file download accelerator capable of defeating file-server download speed limitations.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) @ and Fresh Download @ are two Download Manager software applications we recommend.  Download and install any one of these software applications to increase your file download speed (10 - 20 min.); both are FREE, and both are available for immediate download over the internet.

NOTE: Tested by 3 popular antivirus solutions; this software is free of Trojans, Spyware or Viruses.

7 Days Trial

USD $10.00

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