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About the software

Smart MegaLotto, is a commercial product of Ramos' Software Technology/RSTech, developed for the purpose of providing its user with a "Smart" and fast lottery numbers generator for all major state lotteries.

This is a Closed-Source Freeware application that can be installed in any computer capable of supporting windows form applications.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to be installed in the computer.  If such is not the case, the installer will download and install the required files for you.   If this would not be possible, as you'll be made aware by the software installer, then visit Microsoft Download Center and download the free .NET frameworks 2.0 (x86) for 32 bits computers OR (X64) for 64 bits computers.

This software requires 892 KB of disc space in the computer's hard drive.

Getting Started
  1. Depending on your default download manager, you'll be shown the File Download Window with the options to Open, Save, or Cancel, or you will be shown a window to point-out that "you have chosen to open" this software.  In either case, select the SAVE button.

  2. File Download Window Opening Software Window

  3. On the "Save As" Window select a suitable location to save the software installation package; we suggest the Desktop.

  4. Save As Window

  5. After the executable file (.msi file) has been downloaded to your computer, find and double-click on icon to commence installation of the software.

  6. Installer's Icon

  7. Once again, depending on your default download manager, you may be shown an Open File Security Warning Window indicating "This publisher could not be verified", and you will be providing with the option to RUN or CANCEL the installation of the software.

  8. Security Warning

  9. What is the meaning of the security warning?  It means that RSTech (same with many other companies) have not been individually verified by Microsoft; this is an IE security feature to protect your system from possible malwares or viruses.

    NOTE: that you should only download and install files from the Internet if you believe the source to be trustworthy and reliable and if you know what it is that you are downloading and what it does.  If unsure, you can ask the publisher or perform internet research to find any reported issues with the software that you are downloading (for example, use google to search for: "FileMonkey virus").

    RSTech's software is safe and free of any malicious programs.  Run the installer and follow all the installation instructions.  If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not/could not be installed in your computer, you will be informed.

  10. License Agreement Set-up Wizard Welcome Window
    Select Installation Folder Conform Installation
    Installing Software Installation Complete

  11. Following installation completion, two icons will be placed on you Desktop:   Read Me text file with important additional information; and, the application's launch icon.

  12. ReadMe File & Application Icons

  13. Double-click on the Application's Icon to start the program.

  14. Smart MagaLotto

    • On "Draw", indicate the amount of numbers required to form a combination.   For example, if generating combinations for Power Ball, 5 numbers are required to be drawn, plus an additional ball.

    • Draw Numbers

    • On "Range 1 to:", select the range of numbers for the lottery game to be played

    • Range of Numbers

    • On "MB Range to:", indicate the range of numbers for the Additional Ball (Mega Ball or Power Ball).

    • Range of Additional Ball

    • The option to "Always Exclude" allows the user to excluded specific numbers from the available selection pool/range of numbers.   The exclusion can be made from either or both, the range of numbers available for the draw and the range of numbers available for the additional ball.

      On "Total Tickets", indicate how many combinations to generate.

    • Exclude Numbers Option & Generate Tickets

    • The "Smart Option" (ON/OFF), allows the user to take advantage of the built-in "Smart" capabilities of the software.  This software contains proprietary core algorithms that enforce sound lottery numbers selection strategies.  Alternatively, by selecting "OFF", the software will utilize a random method to select numbers to form the combinations.

    • Select the "QuickPicks" option to commence generating all your numbers combinations.

    • Generate QuickPicks

  15. Additional available features: Save/Print Combinations; How to use... guide; and, combinations results magnification (x1 through x4).

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