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Predicting Winning Lottery Numbers

It is common knowledge, and general understanding, that lottery numbers are randomly drawn using a mechanical device; lottery machine.

What may not be common knowledge is that although most of the lottery machines in use today are an air-mix type (air is forced from the bottom of the machine to blow and mix the balls), some lotteries also use "gravity-pick" machines or a computerized "random number generators".

However, regardless of the device in use, security measures are implemented to ensure that the numbers selection is a random occurrence.   Thus far, we must still ask; is it possible to predict the winning lottery numbers?

In this subject, Psychics, Numerologists, lottery experts, and skeptics have difference of opinions.   In fact, the answer is not as simple as a YES or No.

The disciplines of "Statistical Analysis" and "Numerology", as well as the cultivation and development of "Psychic Abilities", offer some powerful tools to those in pursue of being able to predict winning lottery numbers; calculate future outcomes.   Needless to say, such disciplines and abilities takes a life-time to master.   Then, we must ask, what else can be done to increase the chances of winning the lottery?   Well, although a daily dose of prayers and faithfull hope for plain good luck comes to mind, there's still another way.

It is through a careful observation and analysis of past lottery draws (past events), an "analytical approach" that it is possible to discover patterns of random occurrence being formed by the randomly selected numbers.   Here, Lottery expert Eze Ugbor, on his book titled Lottery Ace: Winning Lottery Strategies, provides a new approach to winning every lotto game based on trends.

Therefore, stands to reason, it is necessary to approach the lottery games as a "systematic method" of choosing numbers, rather than just a "random" selection.

Most lottery experts , and those who have study lottery systems for years, agree on one main concept, never pick a selection that is least likely to appear in the lottery drawings.   For example, using a 6 numbers drawing Lottery, all six consecutive numbers have never been drawn in any local or International lottery.   It would not be wise to assume that something that has never occurred once will be seen just because it is due to happen.

Another good example, assuming that a previous winning combination will repeat itself is not a reasonable assumption.   In most lotteries drawings, even when played twice per week, the probabilities of any set of numbers combination to appear are about: (1) Once every 430,000 plus years in a six numbers lotto games; and, (2) Once every 1,600,000 to 1,800,000 plus years in a five numbers with an additional ball (i. g., Power Ball, Mega Millions) lotto games.

Improving your chances of winning the lottery

Besides studying a good book in Numerology, taking a college course in Statistical Analysis and the Laws of Probability, or seeking the best known Psychics, how can I improve my chances of winning the lottery?

Maintaining a "balanced game" and utilizing a " smart system" are the key strategies when selecting your numbers. For those of you interested in a more in-depth analysis on scientific lottery strategies, I will recommend Gail Howard's The Lottery Master Guide, a very comprehensive book. Below, in less details, I present some of the most important strategies to bear in mind.

FIRST, properly mixing odd and even numbers, can improve your probabilities of wining the lottery by over 80%.

SECOND, mixing high and low numbers will increase the chances of winning. This conclusion is based on Statistical Studies showing that drawing all high or all low numbers occur about 2% of the time in most major lotteries. Using the State of Florida lotto, for this example:   you should sum all the numbers in your selection and ensure that this sum lies anywhere between 124 and 200, which account for about 70% of all past lottery drawings.   The same principle can be applied to most local or International lottery games.   Certainly, we must not completely disregard the other 30% of numbers that fall outside that range.

THIRD, avoid choosing all consecutives numbers-for this has never happened once, in most major 6 numbers lotteries.   Likewise, the provability of all winning numbers drawn from one group (for example, all teens, or all 20's, or all 30's, etc.) is extremely unlikely.

FOURTH, number multiples (such as 4, 8, 12, 16, 20; or numbers such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25) or all numbers with the same last digit (such as 6, 16, 26, 36, 46) only happens in a extremely low to none percentage of times.

FIFTH, playing all low numbers combinations (all numbers below 31) has its disadvantages.   Not only the probabilities are very low in a 6 numbers lottery, but (assuming your number would be drawn) you could be sharing your winnings with a large number of other people-for this is the preference for a large majority of lottery game players, who like to play birthdates and anniversaries.

A good example of this is a large numbers of USA 5 numbers lotteries; to mention few, Wisconsin Badger 5 with 1 - 31 numbers, Colorado Cash5 with 1 - 32 numbers, Delaware Cash5 with 1 - 33 numbers, Florida Fantasy5 with 1 - 36 numbers, etc. It is quite obviously that the chances of drawing all five numbers at/or below 31 are high, and in the case of Wisconsin Badger5 a mandatory requirement. However, the first price is mostly shared by a group of winners; thus reducing the actual pay-out per winning ticket.

For further readings, Norbert Henze & Hans Riedwyl, both well known lottery experts, have some very interesting tips on proven strategies to increase lottery winnings: How To Win More

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