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What are RSTech's 'Smart' Numbers Generators?

These are simple-to-use, user-friendly, Numbers Generator Software.  Our software are designed to produce numbers combinations for all current local and International lotteries.

What separates RSTech's Software from the rest?

RSTech's "Smart" Numbers Generator' core program contains proprietary, built-in, mathematical algorithms designed to accomplish two distinct functions:   #1. Ensure true randomness by addressing the unique mathematical problems associated with "Random Creep" and "Disproportionate Numbers Distribution" in a small predetermined pool of numbers; and,   #2. Enforce sound researched lottery strategies when the "Smart" option is selected by the software user.

"Random Creep" is the predisposition of non-winning numbers to re-occur in the next group of numbers combinations and, therefore, negating both groups the possibility for a winning combination.   For example, let's assume you purchased 5 "Quick Picks" via the local vendor's lottery sotware random selection for a lotto game (53/6) and obtained the following tickets (such occurrence is not uncommon):

  • Ticket #1: 02 06 17 26 38 49
  • Ticket #2: 17 19 26 31 43 53
  • Ticket #3: 11 22 30 46 50 51
  • Ticket #4: 09 12 21 29 48 49
  • Ticket #5: 10 11 27 36 46 52

Now, remember that all winning numbers must have been purchased, in order for them to have a chance to appear on the same ticket.   Assuming any of the repeated numbers (underlined) are a non-winning number, the re-occurrence of such numbers makes it impossible for you to have any chance at winning.   Such is the case, even if you have purchased all the six winning numbers (for example, 02 06 19 21 48 52).

Clearly, understanding that the probabilities of one ticket winning the jackpot is 36 nCr 6 = 1,947,792 to 1 will lead you to believe that by purchasing more tickets your chances of wining will increase.   However, and although the previous assumption is true, by using just random selection the mathematical problem of "Random Creep" will continue to work against you

"Disproportionate Numbers Distribution" in random selection, definitively, assures poor distribution of winning numbers.   In average, about 8% - 12% of the total numbers will re-occur often enough to defeat about 70% - 80% of all the tickets.   Simply, this offers a poor ratio of winning numbers to total numbers, and this ratio controls your odds of winning the lottery.

None of these phenomena makes it completely impossible for you to have a winning numbers combination, but it will make it extremely difficult.   However, the core program in RSTech's lotto numbers generator software ensures better odds by delivering a more uniformed distribution of random numbers while observing the need for available numbers in the selection pool to exceed random selection.

By ensuring true randomness, and avoiding repetition of sequential combinations, the mathematical algorithms within the program address the need to increase the ratio of winning to losing numbers that will be generated.

How are my odds improved by this software?

RSTech's "Smart" Lottery Numbers Generators provide an strategic approach to the selection of lottery numbers combinations.

By using the software's "Smart Option", the software aim at maintaining a balanced game by ensuring that the generated Quick-Picks combinations conform to properly researched "Strategic" lottery numbers selection guidelines.  Consequently, the software's core program is designed to enforce specific events:

[1] A balanced selection of odd and even numbers combination; proper mixing of odd and even numbers in a manner that can improve probabilities of obtaining a wining lottery numbers combination by over 80%.

[2] A balanced selection of high and low numbers combination per ticket; proper mixing of high and low numbers to increase your winning chances.  Statistical studies have shown that drawing all high, or all low numbers, occur about 2% of the time in most major state lotteries.

[3] Keeping the sum of all numbers within appropriate ranges for the lottery-type game selected; ensuring the sum falls within the 70% probability, without completely disregarding the other 30% of numbers that fall outside such range;

[4] Inhibiting all consecutive numbers on the same ticket; avoiding choosing all consecutives numbers, all winning numbers drawn from one group, all numbers multiples, and all same last digits numbers which has an extremely unlikely, or low to none, provability.

[5] Keeping 70% or better of the numbers, in a 6 numbers lotteries and 5 numbers lotteries with a large range of numbers pool, to fall above the low numbers (31 or below) range; however, without neglecting the 30% of possible occurrence of combinations at the low numbers range.

RSTech's deluxe "smart" lottery numbers generator, Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick, has a unique feature.  Unlike all major commercial lotto software that will randomly generate numbers combinations, Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick has a built-in database containing all possible lotto numbers combinations.  Specifically, all possible numbers combinations in the range of 1 though 60 (Pick 4, 5, & 6).   The software selects combinations at random from its database, ensuring true randomness, and then screens the selected combinations against the user-selected lottery strategies before displaying the final result.

Basically, Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick already contains, within its database, the winning combinations for all major lotto games.  The task it attempts to accomplish is to narrow down the list of combinations by complying with the user's selections and built-in screening processes.



Are not all Lotto Software the same?

Some Lotto Software claim to be more advanced than others because (1) they use advanced cryptographic library, (2) they give the user the ability to display the numbers in sorted order, or (3) they provide the ability to select the lottery game by geographic area.  However, and obviously, none of such capabilities take advantage of existing and well known, "strategic methods" for selecting lottery numbers.

While some Lotto Software Developers claim that "smart" quick-pick ceases to generate truly random numbers, and that such is just another "system".  Well, it will should only take few minutes of researching the subject to clearly understand the advantages of using a "smart" lotto software versus a regular "random numbers generator" (another fancy name for most commercially offered Lotto Software).

Lastly, there are those opposed to the used of any type of random numbers generators at all--for hey believe that choosing your own numbers places the individual more in control of the range of his/hers numbers.  These are those who also believe that "many people win with a number selection that they haven't changed for years".  Now, while there have been such claims in the past, such occurrences are extremely seldom and rare.

A more obvious important question that should be in your mind is "Which Numbers Selection Method is the best?"  This, clearly, requires educating oneself to what methods are available and how they operate.  Then, after deciding which method is best for you, the next step would be to find a software system that supports such method most effectively.  This, of course, will require some amount of experimentation; try and see what works best for you.


At RSTech, our purpose IS NOT to endorse any particular State Lottery, Lottery-type game, nor to promote Gambling.  The sole purpose of our software is to serve as a tool that provides a "smart" method for generating lottery numbers combinations with the highest provability of being drawn in most major, current being played, lottery games.

Whant to try some of the best methods fro selecting lottery numbers? Test-drive RSTech's "Deluxe" Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick for FREE.

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